A TrustID Secure Email Certificate asserts that a specific email address is owned and/or controlled by you. Once approved, you will get a digital certificate that allows digital signing and encryption of email messages. The certificate may be stored in a browser, token, smart card or operating system.

Step 1 – Apply Online and Pay for Your TrustID Secure Email Certificate

During the online registration, the following types of information are collected:

To be included in the certificate:
A verified email address;
Only available in your account:
Full name; and
An account password which will be used to retrieve your certificate and to manage certificate life events;
Payment information:
Credit card (Visa®, MasterCard® and American Express®); or
Voucher Number (which is a number that IdenTrust may provide as a form of payment when buying certificates in bulk).

Step 2 – Complete the Application

  1. Confirm acceptance of the TrustID Subscriber Agreement for Secure Email Software or Hardware Certificate.
  2. Upon submission of the online application, you will be sent a one-time code to the email address you used in your application.
  3. Complete the procedures that are provided in the email to confirm that the email address is owned and/or controlled by you.

Step 3 – Retrieve Your Certificate

  1. Once approved, you will be notified by email; the email will include an activation code that is required for retrieval of the approved certificate.
  2. Follow the instructions provided in the approval email to install the certificate in the browser, token, smart card or operating system. In order to successfully complete the retrieval process, you will need to remember the password you created in Step 1 above.